Your Local Source for Premium Liquor, Beer, and Wine

At Bernie's Wines and Liquors we are constantly evolving in order to best accommodate the rapidly growing Fargo-Moorhead area. Our goal is to provide you with a pleasurable and successful liquor buying experience that keeps you returning again and again—and hopefully telling all of your friends about us.

Bernie's has always been known as the "go to" liquor store for the neighborhoods of Old South Fargo. Now with a store in West Fargo and a few more on the way, we welcome the opportunity to embrace other neighborhoods throughout the community.

Back in the day, a case of beer, some good old Canadian whiskey, and maybe a jug of Carlo Rossi were the items of choice. Now as wine and specialty beers have seen major growth in the market, we have worked hard to stay on trend and offer as much diversity as possible in our ever expanding selections. We have made it our mission to embrace the explosion of unique and eclectic wine and beer varieties now available to North Dakota.